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Spring is all about out with the old and in with the new. And after you’ve whizzed through your spring cleaning routine it’s only natural to want to bring the joy of spring into your own home. That means switching over to lighter fabrics and linens, but it’s also the perfect time to update the wall art in your home with brighter colors and fresher spring-like themes. But we all know hanging art just right can be tricky. And if you don’t plan carefully you can end up with more holes in your walls than you have pictures to hang. 

This is why we love Displate – an online art store that makes it easier than ever to decorate your walls without a hammer, nails or hardware. Displate sells HD, gallery-quality artworks printed on metal that hang magnetically with a time investment of about 20 seconds total.

Here’s how it works: Every Displate metal print comes with a super-sticky magnetic strip (or strips depending on size). Peel away the sticker’s backing and press the sticky side to the wall. Your Displates will instantly hold strong and secure to the magnet since it’s made of metal. It’s a totally no-fuss and damage-free solution to give your walls some instant life. They’re great for any home or living space, but they’re kind of a game-changer for renters or dorm-dwellers who want art and style and the ability to keep their walls intact. If you’re moving or painting, the magnet easily peels off the wall damage free! It also makes switching out prints according to your mood, your latest obsession or the season, easier than ever. 

If you’d like to bring some new art pieces into your home but aren’t sure what direction you want to go, we have a few ideas for spring-themed art that can brighten and freshen your space.

Now onto the spring-inspired prints…

Spring Whimsy

We love this light-hearted print for its whimsical theme, pastel colors, and humorous subject. A sweet little bird taking selfies with a Polaroid. Now, how adorable is that? Perfect for anyone who doesn’t take life too seriously, this metal poster is sure to lighten up your space and brighten up your day.


Pastel Vistas

Is the sun setting over mountains or ocean waves in this print? Whatever you see might depend on the day, but either way, we love the bright spring color palette in this modern design. SpaceFrog Design, the artist for this print is one of the most popular on Displate known for modern landscapes in dreamy colors.

Feathered Friends

One of the first true signs of spring is waking up to a symphony of bird songs and calls each morning. And one of the most fascinating birds that exist is the hummingbird. Not only are they absolutely beautiful, but their wings can beat up to 80 times per second. They also lay the smallest bird eggs in the world. Hummingbirds are viewed throughout many cultures as symbols of happiness, joy and good luck. This Hummingbird print called ‘Happiness’ is one of our all-time favorite Displates prints. If you love bright colors this metal poster can make a bold and cheerful statement in your space.

Beach Vibes

If peace and serenity are what you want to bring into your home this spring then you can never go wrong with a beachy or ocean style print. We love the color palette and modern design of this piece and Displate has a nearly endless selection of beach, ocean, wave, and water-themed print choices to choose from. They even have even stunning ocean and beach photography pieces too.

Floral Expressions

While flowers might be the obvious choice for spring print subject, a beautiful floral print can be absolutely timeless. We love these antique botanical rose prints from the Belgian artist Pierre-Joseph Redouté, one of the most talented and prolific botanical artists of all time. These are from his work called Les Roses (1817–1824) which is a collection of rose prints he made between those years. If you love the style of these roses, Displate offers many more Pierre-Joseph Redouté prints in a variety of different botanicals. Choose one for a subtle statement or create a gallery wall with several for an inspiring flowery spring vibe.

Bright Colors

As everything comes into full bloom outside, it’s only natural to want to bring some cheery color indoors. Abstract designs are the perfect way to bring bright contrasting colors into your home in a tasteful way. Displate offers many abstracts in a variety of styles to choose from, but this one is perfect to punch up a white wall while keeping a modern aesthetic.

Animal Prints

Animal prints like this one can bring a little whimsy and playfulness into your space, which is perfect for that cheery spring vibe you’re looking for. And I know it’s officially springtime when I see an explosion of little baby bunnies on my lawn. We’re hooked on this sweet bunny print because it’s just so darn cute, but Displate also has a huge selection of animal prints and photographs to choose from if bunnies aren’t your thing.

While we love these spring-inspired Displates, there are so many more prints to choose from too!

Whether you’re going for hip, funny, casual, classy, vintage or you’re into fine art, there’s a Displate for you. They also carry art in just about every style including contemporary, fine, anime, pop, landscape, watercolor and photography. Themes include everything you can possibly imagine including travel, abstracts, animals, landscapes, food, movies, vintage posters, fashion, fantasy, music, engineering, geeky stuff, antique maps and more. 

Click here to browse for yourself and start dressing up your walls the easy way!

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Every Displate Purchased Plants A Tree To Fight Climate Change

Displate’s mission is simple: to make the walls in your space unique and to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment by planting trees. 

Displate works with the organization Trees for the Future in an effort to combat the effects that deforestation has had on climate change. 

Together they’ve planted almost 12 million trees around the world