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Have a blank wall in your home or office you just don’t know what to do with?  Been there done that! Here we have some tips for choosing and hang art in your personal spaces a little bit easier. Keep in mind that guidelines are just that – a guide. And there is no wrong or right as to what type of art you display. At the end of the day what looks and feels good to you is what is most important. So next time you want to bring some character into your home, here are some tips to help you choose and style them.

1. Group Art Pieces with a Common Theme

Not sure where to start? Try choosing a few coordinating colors that you like and find some art pieces that you like with those colors in common. You don’t need to stick with paintings or canvases either. You can also choose to display photographs, word art, pop art or vintage pieces like old posters or signs that catch your eye.

2. Make Sure Your Art Is Authentically You

This one isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Simply choose pieces that display something you want to convey or have a love for. Maybe you deeply believe in something or maybe you’re a superfan of something. Do you have a quirky sense of humor or love fashion and the latest trends?  Choose pieces and art styles that speak to you and your personality. Find art that you’re authentically drawn to and that makes you feel good. Never choose art or art styles because they’re popular or trending on Pinterest. The more “you” they are the more you’ll enjoy them.

3. Create A Vibe

Consider the use of the room or space you want to dress up. Do you want your space to evoke a certain feeling? If you want to add a sense of calm to your bedroom look to images or art pieces that have that effect on you naturally. Maybe you want to inject an uplifting energetic vibe to your office? Then look to pieces that inspire or motivate you. Whatever you choose make sure it makes you feel good in your home or space.

Optimism of a New Day Sherri Hanna tips for decorating with artDisplate Shown: The Optimism of a New Day by Sherri Hanna

4. Go For Color

Do you tend to go for neutrals or black and white? Try going out of your comfort zone and choosing at least one piece of art with a punch of color. A little or a lot of color can add drama and transform a space that feels otherwise boring into a pulled together room.

5. Try A Gallery Wall And Play With Arrangement

A gallery wall can add a big impact to your space. Do you want a tight geometric arrangement that can give your space an organized and pulled together feeling or one that is more free-flowing and organic? Browse Pinterest to see different examples of gallery walls to decide which type would best suit your space. You can also experiment on your own by arranging your art pieces on the floor to see how you’d like them to appear on the wall. To make transferring your gallery wall display to your wall an easy task, trace the frame of each piece with paper and stick to the wall with tape. Once everything is arranged and looks good you can easily hang your pictures with ease.

6. Be Playful And Add A Little Humor

Art doesn’t have to be so serious! Find pieces that make you laugh or even uplift your mood. Word art works perfectly for this as does cheeky fun photography.


Displate Shown: Bunny by John Poh

7. Awkward Spaces Are Perfect Spots For Art

Many of us have a strange corner, odd walls or spaces in our homes. And leaving them blank can often enhance their peculiarity. Why not embrace the unusual and hang one or more pieces of art to give that space a new sense of purpose and life.  Whether you decide to go big or small you might just find you have a new appreciation for that quirky spot in your home you never knew what to do with.

8. You Don’t Need To Stick With One Frame Style

Variety is truly the spice of life! Mixing and matching frames can be a lovely way to give your space that gorgeous “collected over time” vibe that will be unique to your home or space. Frames can be matte, shiny, metallic, wood, mirrored or different colors. Sometimes frames aren’t needed at all.

Displate Shown:Espresso by Mr. Jackpots

9. Take Height Into Consideration

The rule of thumb for hanging artwork is to have the center of the artwork fall around 57 inches (145 cm) above the floor to the center of the piece. This about eye level for the average person and the standard used in galleries. But not all of us are that height and I’m pretty sure most of us don’t live in a museum or gallery. And this rule doesn’t always work in dining rooms, living rooms or offices where we tend to do mostly sitting. In these types of spaces, you may want to hang your art a little bit lower. Not only will it be more comfortable to view but it will look more at home with the other furniture in the room.

10. Size Up Your Space

When decorating with art think about the size of the art in relation to your wall or space. A small piece of art on a really large wall can look out of place and just awkward. To create a space with more balance and visual appeal opt oversized pieces or a gallery or grid layout of smaller pieces to occupy more of the wall.

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Displate ShownIcelandic Horses 2 by Monika Strigel®


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