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Let’s face it. Pretty much everyone loves OREOS. Not only are they incredibly yummy, but they’ve been used in just about every dessert recipe you can think of. Ice-creams, pies, cupcakes, cheesecakes, brownies…you name it. They’ve even been deep-fried. I’ll leave it to you to decide if you want to go there. Maybe you already have (Let us know in the comments:-0).

But guess what? OREOS have been taken to a whole new level. I know. I didn’t think it was possible either.

Oreo has recently teamed up with Milka, a leading European Chocolate candy brand, to create the ultimate in delicious: Milka + OREO Chocolate Candy.

So what exactly is this deliciousness?  It’s candy genius. Classic OREO cookies are sandwiched between 2 layers of vanilla creme filling and then coated in European Milka chocolate candy. The vanilla creme layer is silky smooth creme with a flavor similar to that of quality white chocolate. Total genius.

When we heard of this divine creation there was no question about what needed to be done. Walmart is carrying these amazing Milka + OREO chocolate candies so we headed over there to stock up and sample a few.  That’s right. Just a few. 😉

In my defense, there are a few varieties to try. There’s the:

Milka + OREO Chocolate Candy Bar – Bits of OREO cookie are mixed with vanilla creme filling, and then covered in European Milka chocolate candy.

Milka + OREO Choco-Mix Snack Mix – OREO Minis, Golden OREO Minis, Milka Chocolate Candy Buttons and candy-covered chocolate are mixed together for the candy lover who loves a taste of everything.

Milka + OREO BIG Crunch Chocolate Candy Bar – A thick layer of Oreo cookies sandwiched between two layers of rich vanilla creme filling, coated in European Milka chocolate candy.

Well, I’ve tried them and there’s no turning back. These candies are basically a game changers in the land of all that is chocolaty and delicious. The Milka + OREO BIG Crunch Chocolate Candy Bar is my favorite. I love the contrast of that super crunchy thick OREO layer with the smooth vanilla creme filling. It’s heaven!

Where do you find them in Walmart?

• The larger MILKA OREO Chocolate Candy Bars are found in the candy aisle
• MILKA OREO Chocolate Candies will also be near the registers and/or cookie aisle.

Want to try these Milka + OREO Chocolate Candies for yourself? We think you need to.

Milka + OREO Chocolate Candy will be doing in store demonstrations May 18 – 21 at your local Walmart. They’ll be giving out FREE samples, special coupons and even prizes!!! Click the link for dates, times and specific locations —-> Check it out here!

oreo-milka-candy-where to-buy

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To learn more about Milka + OREO Chocolate Candy visit www.oreo.com!