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We’ve all heard how unhealthy it is working hour after hour at the computer.  If only there was a way we could stay active, but still remain productive at the computer.

Berlin-Paris fashion & design studio BLESS, led by Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss, recently submitted their answer and prototype to this very question at the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial.

Their ‘N°41 workout computer’, is a computer monitor with a keyboard made entirely of different sized, shaped and positioned punching bags.  Some are positioned on the desk while others are high up or rest on the floor.  When a bag gets punched, the corresponding letter gets sent to the computer. There is even punchable print button!

 When asked about the N°41 workout computer the designers described it as ‘a good test to touch new ground in combining work and leisure time in a playful way.’  How innovative!

Although just in its concept phase, the computer is a creative way to get people thinking about how we can incorporate more fitness into the modern demands of our everyday lives.






Via DesignBloom