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There is nothing is more comforting and inviting than a home that is filled with a beautiful aroma.  Just think back to the last time you baked something like a banana bread or a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies.  Do you remember the way it made your home smell? Wonderful, right?

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Well, we have a super easy and 100% natural way to get your home smelling amazing with just a few simple and natural ingredients you most likely already have in your pantry.  These fragrant DIY Potpourri Simmer Pots take just a few minutes to prepare, but you’ll be able to enjoy them for hours to come.

Things You’ll Need

All you have to do is simply add all the ingredients to a medium saucepan, put the heat on low and… voilà!!! Your house will smell amazing in no time.

The potpourri simmer pot recipe featured here is a wonderful fall and winter combination with aromas that are reminiscent of a holiday home.  Have some fun and experiment with different fruits, herbs and spices to find your perfect simmer pot.

If you feel uncomfortable about leaving a pot on the stove, you may also use your slow cooker or crock pot.  Not only is it energy efficient and only pennies to run, but requires minimal attention. This recipe is perfect for a mini dipper or smaller sized Crockpot and will allow you to safely and easily move the scent around your home.  We love the  2 Quart Crock-Pot listed here!

More Tips

  • Remember to check your pot occasionally to see if it needs more water.  We did once let all the water evaporate accidentally. Luckily the heat was very low.  Oops!  It actually ended up giving the pot the added aroma of caramel. We just added more water and our pot was back on track.
  • After juicing lemons or lime or eating a an orange, save the peels. Refrigerate or freeze and you’ll have an even quicker way of getting a pot of scented heaven going in your home.
  • These scented hot pots are a great way to use up old or expired spices such as old cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, star anise, allspice, ginger or bay leaves. We originally started making these using an old Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pie Spice jar that was long forgotten in the back of the cabinet.
  • Get creative and mix and match.  Try adding other fruits such as apples, lemons, limes, grapefruits or cranberries.   Herbs such as fresh rosemary, mint, thyme, lavender or lemon balm would be lovely as would a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. Alternative extracts include almond, lemon and orange.