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I think from time to time most of us fall off the healthy wagon once in a while. Life gets in the way, we get busy and slowly but surely we end up eating more junk than we planned. Or maybe those couple of days we took off from our workout routine somehow turned into weeks, and then before we know it months. Yikes!

I’m not going to lie. Last year I fell into an unhealthy rut. Between working and traveling and some holidays in between I was doing all of the above, not eating so right, not working out regularly or ever and most importantly not taking time to decompress. And you know what? It eventually caught up to me. I was tired all the time and bonus: I was 10 pounds overweight. While I know it’s not a crazy amount of weight for most, but with a 5’2″ frame it meant I was wearing leggings fulltime. Yup.

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So as with any change in one’s life, I made the choice to start getting healthy again. At first, it day and you can have a profoundly positive effect on your health.

I Got Back On The Mat

I also committed to doing yoga at least 5 times a week. Not only is it the perfect complement to meditation, but it’s a low impact way to strengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility and improve your balance. It’s all about showing up on the mat to do the best you can do at the moment. No pressure and no cranking yourself into positions. That’s not what it’s about. Just by showing up you’re already making a healthy choice. If you haven’t tried yoga before or would like to familiarize yourself before you head out to a class Youtube is a great place to find tons of free yoga videos perfect for beginners. Yoga With Adrienne on Youtube is one my favorites.

I’m Taking Time To Relax

One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to just take time to relax. I love to get outside even if it’s just for 10 minutes in my yard to clear my mind and get a little Vitamin D. Afterwards I feel refreshed and I find I have better focus for the tasks I need to get done. Don’t feel guilty about taking a few minutes for yourself and your health. Read a little, take a walk get out in nature. Most things can wait.

I Got Green

If you want to feel better you have to eat better. It’s simple. I knew I needed to eat more plant-based foods so I started simply by making a green smoothie to start my day. I’m still doing it today. Full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals smoothies are a great way to get in a few healthy servings of greens without really trying. Plus they taste delicious! To start all you need is some almond or coconut milk, a couple handfuls of greens like kale or spinach, maybe some berries, add a scoop of protein powder if you like, blend and enjoy!

I Plan My Snacks When I’m On The Go

One of the ways I like to stay on track with my eating is making sure I have a healthy protein filled snacks on hand. I find that when I have healthy food convenient and ready to go I won’t go for the bad stuff. Some things I like to have on hand are trail mix, protein bars, hard-boiled eggs or celery sticks with nut butter. One of my favorites is the meaty protein snacks from Lorissa’s Kitchen. They’re made with high-quality meats like 100% grass-fed beef and chicken raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. Plus they’re free of gluten, preservatives, MSG, or any added nitrites. Flavors include Korean Barbeque Beef Steak Strips, Ginger Teriyaki Chicken Cuts and Original Beef Steak Strips. Korean Barbeque is my fav. Lorissa’s Kitchen protein snacks make healthy eating on-the-go easy. And did I mention they’re delicious? It’s yummy protein to fuel your day – and fuel a full life of healthy habits.

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