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If you’re looking to something to evoke some extra “wow factor” at your next Halloween party or gathering, these spooky and scary Halloween bakeware items should help you get started. Just get your favorite cake recipe and one of these pans, and you’re on your way to making a thrilling treat!

1. You’ll turn heads when you use this 3D Skull Head pan to make something dreadfully delicious.

largeskullYou can check out this Wilton Dimensions Nonstick 3D Skull Pan here!

For this handsome guy,  just bake your cake, and sprinkle with powdered sugar.  To keep the eyes defined like the photo below,  roll up small pieces of saran wrap into balls and insert in the sockets while you’re sprinkling away.  largeskull-cake-22

If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, try making this “Are You My Mummy?” cake. We know you can do it. And if it doesn’t turn out perfect, it’s Halloween. It should look a little scary, right? Get the recipe here!

largeskull-pan-cakeThis  “Creepiest Cranium Cake”  from Wilton,  so appropriately named, can also made using the same 3D Skeleton Head Bake Pan. You can get the directions to make this ghastly cake here! With this dessert your guests will be truly disturbed.



2.  Kids will get a kick out of these little casket brownie cakes!  Get really creative have fun and add your own flair.


To create, use this Mini Coffin Cake Bake Pan below and your favorite brownie recipe…




Decorate your Skeleton coffins with gummy worms, Chocolate Candy Skeletons and use chocolate icing or even raspberry jam as the glue.  The tombstone decorations shown on the mini coffin cakes above are actually chocolate and made using these Creepy Tombstones Candy Molds! The skeletons can also be made using the candy molds linked here!

3.  Make a sweet offering to your ancestors with these Dia de los Muertos or Day Of The Dead Sugar Skull Cookies!



You can easily stamp these cookies out using these Day of the Dead Cookie Stamps and your favorite sugar cookie recipe.  We like this sugar cookie recipe here
dayofthedead-cookiestampsAfter baking, pipe different colored icings into the details for a stunning result. The color combinations are endless. We think your ancestors will be pleased. How amazing?


5.  For cookies with a curse, this Voodoo Doll Cookie Cutter should do the trick.


Get it here!

These guys might just cast a spell on your tastebuds.  Aren’t they cute?  Cute, but still scary.

5.  Halloween morning you’re going to need a big breakfast to keep you energized though the day.  You know, lots of scaring to do, tricks to play, treats to dish out.  Start Halloween morning out fright (couldn’t resist), with this Funny Side Up Skull Egg Mold!


Serve with crisscrossed bacon, for a Skull & Crossbones bacon & eggs breakfast. Add a couple splashes of ketchup and you’ll have your very own massacre on your plate. Yum!


skull eggs mold


Images Via WiltonAmazon