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Sometimes life can get a little serious. Between work, families, keeping up with our homes, finances, things going on in the news, Whew!!! It can all be a bit much. Here are 18 colorful dessert recipes filled with rainbows, sprinkles and unicorn themes that remind us life doesn’t have to always be so serious.  They say you can’t buy happiness, but I’m pretty sure you can bake it.

1. Fairy Bites via Pink Piccadilly Pastries

These little yummy bites are a whimsical take on a traditional shortbread. Plus they’re bite size and they’re pretty. Reason enough.  You can visit Pink Piccadilly Pastries for all things tea party related. Get the recipe —> here!

Fairy Bites Sprinkle Sugar Cookiesphoto via Pink Piccadilly Pastries

2. Copycat Perfectly Soft Lofthouse Style Frosted Sugar Cookies via Life Made Sweeter

I think it’s pretty hard to resist anything with frosting and sprinkles, especially if it’s on top of a soft baked sugar cookie.  If you’re a fan of Lofthouse style cookies, but would like to try a make a batch at home, you can visit Life Made Sweeter.  Get the recipe —> here!

Soft Lofthouse Style Frosted Sugar Cookiesphoto via Life Made Sweeter

3. Homemade Circus Animal Cookies via Cooking Classy

Do you ever grow out of loving animal cracker cookies? I don’t think it’s possible. They’re fun in a bite…or three… Oh who am I kidding? I’d eat the whole plate.  If you haven’t cracked the code on how to make you’re own you can head over to Cooking Classy.  Get the recipe —> here!

photo via Cooking Classy

4. Funfetti Cake Mix Cookie Sandwiches via Tastes of Lizzy T’s

We can all thank the Earl of Sandwich for inventing… you guessed it. The sandwich! But who was the genius to take it a step further and say to themselves “forget regular bread, I’m going to use cookies”?  Let us know if you find out.  If you’re looking for a little cookie sandwich that’s a delight to behold and perfect for parties, Tastes of Lizzy T’s has just what you need. Get the recipe —> here!

Funfett Cookie Sandwichesphoto via tastesoflizzyt

5.  Unicorn Poop Cupcake Cones via Mom Dot

Yes, unicorn poop recipes are a thing now.  Apparently when unicorns poop it’s as magical as they are. All rainbow colors and infinite possibilities.   I’m not sure if I like eating things with poop in the name. I might make an exception because it involves unicorns. Either way, these cupcake cones look fabulous. I literally can’t stop looking at them.  For the recipe, Mom Dot’s got you covered. Get the recipe —> here!

Unicorn Poop Ice Cream Conesphoto via Mom Dot

6. Unicorn Cupcakes Made With Magic via Jenny @ Dapper House

Cupcakes are simply irresistible. If you combine cupcakes with a unicorn theme and stuff them with Nerds, then you have these magical and happy little treats. Visit Jenny @ Dapper House for her recipe.  Get the recipe —> here!

Rainbow Unicorn Cupcakephoto via Jenny @ Dapper House

7. Rainbow Unicorn Candy Bark via Hello, Wonderful

This Unicorn Candy Bark is a feast for the eyes. And seriously, how fun? Kids will of course love this, but you’ll catch adults not being able to help themselves either.  Ingredients include rainbow everything. This recipe can be found over at Hello, Wonderful. Get the recipe —> here! via Hello, Wonderful

8. Rainbow Unicorn Cookies via Miss Blueberry Muffin

These Rainbow Unicorn Cookies are stunning! Almost too pretty to eat. I said almost.  And they’re not that hard to make.  Grab your favorite sugar cookie recipe, some white icing and some assorted candies for decoration and you’re good to go. Oh, and you might need a unicorn cookie cutter.  You can get one –> here.  Scoot over to Miss Blueberry Muffin to see how she made hers. Get the recipe —> here!

Rainbow Unicorn Cookiesphoto via Miss Blueberry Muffin

9. Unicorn Horn Cupcakes via Kara’s Party Ideas

Aren’t these purty? These were made for a fabulous unicorn themes birthday party. Want to see how it was done? Kara’s Party Ideas has you covered. Get the recipe —> here!

Unicorn Horn Birthday Party Cupcakes

photo via Kara’s Party Ideas

10. Skinny Unicorn Ice-cream Cake via The Skinny Fork

What makes this gorgeous unicorn ice-cream cake skinny? Less sugar added and some lower fat ingredients. You can eat this dreamy cake and not feel any guilt at all.  Visit The Skinny Fork for the lowdown.  Get the recipe —> here!Skinny Unicorn Ice Cream Cakephoto via The Skinny Fork

11. Strawberry Milk Ice Pops via Sprinkle Bakes

Don’t these Strawberry Milk Ice-pops look divine? Come summer these will be amazing.  If you’re dairy free I would substitute coconut, almond or cashew milk for these instead of the skim and heavy cream blend used in this recipe. You can find the original recipe @ Sprinkle Bakes.   Get the recipe —> here!

Strawberry Milk Ice Pops

photo via Sprinkle Bakes


12. Marshmallow Sprinkle Sandwiches via Sweetapolita

Don’t these look like something out of a dream? And only 15 minutes to make! We can do this and we have to! Head over to Sweetapolita for her tricks of the trade.  Get the recipe —> here!

Marshmallow Sprinkle Sandwichesphoto via Sweetapolita


13. Unicorn Bars via Cookies & Cups

It’s a gloomy day over here and I think these Unicorn Bars would do me a bit of good. These cookie bars, but with a unicorn twist are rainbow-mazing.  You won’t be able to eat just one. And frankly why would you want to? Get the recipe —> here!

Unicorn Bars With Blue Frosting Sprinklesphoto via Cookies & Cups

14. Softbake Funfetti Cookies via Averie Cooks

I never even knew what funfetti was until this past summer.  I have surely been missing out. These made from scratch Softbake Funfetti Cookies from Averie Cooks are just the thing to cheer up just about anyone.  Get the recipe —> here!

Softbake Funfetti Cookies With Sprinklesphoto via Averie Cooks


15. Rainbow Donuts via The First Year

Donuts are one of my many downfalls. And now I’ve found these donuts and they have rainbows on them. So anything seems possible.  The First Year knows just what a recipe for happiness is.  Get the recipe —> here!

Rainbow Donutsphoto via The First Year

16.  Confetti Monkey Bread via Food Network

This monkey bread is glorious. With cinnamon sugar, a cream cheese glaze and all the rainbow sprinkles you can handle, this twist on the traditional monkey bread is a real winner. Get the recipe —> here!

Confetti Monkey Breadphoto via i am Baker

17. Party Piñata Cupcakes via Sally’s Baking Addiction

Although there’s some mystery surrounding the origin of the pinata, we can all agree they’re just plain fun. Plus, there are few opportunities in life where you can beat the bejeezus out of something and come out the other side with a reward. For those times when you would like to do a little less beating and a little more eating, these Party Pinata Cupcakes are just right. Get the recipe —> here!

Party Piñata Cupcakesphoto via Sally’s Baking Addiction

18. Unicorn Hot Chocolate via Love & Olive Oil

Have you ever imagined hot chocolate could look like this? I sure didn’t.  White chocolate sauce, a mountain of whipped cream, clusters of marshmallows and a flurry of rainbow sprinkles. It’s a happy childhood in a mug. Love & Oil shares the secrets of this magnificent creation. Get the recipe —> here!

Unicorn Hot Chocolate
photo via Love & Olive Oil