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Nothing can be more refreshing than an ice cold glass of iced-tea on a hot day. For this recipe we take your average pitcher of iced-tea and add flavors of juicy peaches and fresh mint with a hint of lemon, making it the perfect beverage on any summer day.

If you’ve never cold brewed tea before it’s simple: place tea bags to steep in cool water and place in the refrigerator. In a few hours you’ll have a perfectly delicious batch of iced-tea without any of the bitter flavors that boiling tea in hot water can bring on. Cold brew tea also doesn’t cloud.  Just pure, mellow tea flavor.

Once you cold brew tea you may never go back to the boiling water method. Try experimenting with cold brewing using green and herbal teas, which brew splendidly with this method as well.


6 cups filtered water
8 black tea bags
1 small handful fresh mint leaves
1 lemon, juice of
2 cups peach juice
1-2 peaches, sliced into slivers
Sugar, agave or stevia to taste


1 – Take the tea bags and make a knot at the top of the strings tying them all together. This will make them easier to remove from the pitcher. Place the tied tea bags in a large pitcher, draping the tea tags over the side and fill with filtered water.

2 – Next, add the mint leaves to the pitcher. With the back of a spoon, gently press them into the sides of the pitcher to release their oils.

3 – Place the pitcher in the refrigerator for about 4 hours so your tea can cold brew.  Check it to see if you have reached your desired strength. Leave to chill longer if you want a stronger tea.

4 -Throw away the tea bags when your tea is at your desired strength. Just before serving add the lemon and peach juices to the pitcher. Sweeten to taste, if desired.

5 – To serve, fill a glass with ice and then pour the iced-tea mixture into the glass. Garnish with a fresh mint leaf and peach slices.

6 – Sip, savor & enjoy!