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Driving through the rugged and beautiful Allegheny Mountains, luxury feels like a world away. But just 1.5 hours southeast of Pittsburgh lies Nemacolin—a private, year-round luxury resort hidden in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands. This self-contained wonderland of adventure offers an unparalleled array of activities, amenities, and real-life magic.

Nemacolin is home to three distinct hotels: The Grand Lodge, The Chateau, and Falling Rock, each offering its own unique charm and luxurious accommodations. The resort also features world-class restaurants, a spa, and a holistic wellness center, catering to those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

For the adventurous, Nemacolin provides a wide range of activities, including golf courses, fishing, clay shooting, and a ski area. Guests can also enjoy a year-round heated outdoor pool, cosmic bowling, axe throwing, art classes, an equestrian center, animal experiences, an ice cream parlor, a patisserie, and more. So much more.

And there’s nothing else like it.

The Nemacolin Story

The exterior of the Grand Lodge at Nemacolin

The Grand Lodge at Nemacolin | Photo: Better Living

The Nemacolin story began in 1987 with Joseph A. Hardy III, a self-made visionary and founder of the 84 Lumber Company. He was looking for a piece of property with water access so his daughter Maggie could go fishing. After attending an auction, he ended up with a few hundred acres, a small hunting lodge, and a golf course. 

Fast forward more than 35 years, Joseph and Maggie Hardy worked together to transform the property into a year-round luxury resort, now spanning over 2,200 acres of lush woodlands.

Maggie now runs the resort with her son PJ Magerko Liquorice. They carry on the legacy of Mr. Hardy, while expanding the vision of Nemacolin, with one goal in mind – offering guests and members an unparalleled resort experience with a dash of magic. Mission accomplished.

Some may say there’s no such thing as perfect, but I found Nemacolin is as close as it gets.

We spent 3 magical nights at Nemacolin to experience it in all its glory. Here’s where we stayed, what we did, and where we dine during our visit.  

Nemacolin: The Ultimate Destination Resort

The lobby of The Grand Lodge at Nemacolin. Two staircases, marble floors, seating areas, and a chandelier.

The lobby of The Grand Lodge at Nemacolin | Photo: Better Living

DAY 1: Checking In To The Grand Lodge

The Grand Lodge is Like a Luxury Alpine Chalet in the PA Mountains

For our stay we had a room reserved in The Grand Lodge, a classic Tudor-style luxury hotel and the original hotel on the property. Here along with 56 suites, there’s also their signature restaurant Fawn and Fable, Circle Bar and The Study, and luxury shopping.

Pulling up to The Grand Lodge we were immediately greeted by a team of friendly valets. The concierge thoughtfully had our room ready earlier than scheduled with an offer of champagne and the keys to our room. Don’t mind if I do.

Nemacolin is known for their incredible service, but they take it step further than what you would expect at luxury resorts.  One of those special touches is their personalized butler service. Stay at The Grand Lodge, Falling Rock, or the club floor of The Chateau and you get your very own personal butler.

The Sitting Area of The Grand Lodge King Suite. Two chairs, a couch, a table, champagne.

The sitting area of The Grand Lodge King Suite | Photo: Better Living

They’ll get you anything you need including making and serving your morning coffee, unpacking your luggage, pressing your clothes, making reservations and itineraries, or delivering you a special treat late at night. 

We were introduced to our very own friendly and helpful butler Kai, who escorted us and our luggage up to our stunningly beautiful expansive suite. With mountain views, a luxe living area, and king bedroom with a marble fireplace, it was like walking into a page from Architectural Digest. 

The Bedroom of The Grand King Suite at Nemacolin. A four poster king bed .

The bedroom of The Grand Lodge King Suite at Nemacolin | Photo: Better Living

Our suite was decked out with luxurious finishes, including a dedicated coffee and minbar space in the room’s foyer, to plush seating, and whimsical decor with woodland touches throughout the living room.

The bedroom featured a dreamy plush king bed with luxurious linens and a romantic blush marble gas fireplace. Even the carpeting here was like walking on a cloud.

The bathroom could easily rival any world-class spa with a large soaking tub, walk-in marble shower and double sinks. Because it’s Nemacolin, every detail is accounted for, including a first-class commode with a heated seat and bidet function that was a total delight.

It’s the little things, really.

The Bathroom of The Grand Lodge King Suite at Nemacolin. Tub, shower, double sinks.

The bathroom of The Grand Lodge King Suite at Nemacolin | Photo: Better Living

At night for turndown, we were zenned out with relaxation soundscapes and mood lighting while we happily snacked on some treats left by our butler. 

For extra bedtime indulgence, order a specialty pillow from Nemcolin’s pillow menu or have your butler draw you a bubble bath with your choice of bath salts, herbs and essential oils. There’s a menu for that too.

 💡 Fun Fact: The resort is named after Chief Nemacolin, a native Delaware Indian. In 1740 he trailblazed a trading route through the Laurel Highlands, between what is now Cumberland, Maryland, and Brownsville, Pennsylvania. 

The Hardy Family Art Collection

The Hardy Family Art Collection on display at Nemacolin. 2 painting and a sculpture of a man and dog.

The Hardy Family Art Collection on display at Nemacolin | Photo: Better Living

With Galleries, Art Classes, and Over 1000 Works of Art, Nemacolin is a Creative Wonderland

Nemacolin is like a living art gallery. And it’s part of the experience here.

Exploring the resort, we found ourselves spotting pieces from the eclectic Hardy Family Art Collection that consists of over 1000 pieces of art. And art isn’t only hung on the walls. You’ll find sculptures throughout the grounds as well as antiques, glassworks, and historical artifacts.  For serious art lovers, gallery tours are available.

Sit next to a sculpture of Mark Twain and enjoy "Rose Ceremony Bouquet" by Claire Hardy

Sit next to a sculpture of Mark Twain and enjoy “Rose Ceremony Bouquet” by Claire Hardy | Photo: Better Living

Jewelry Jam

Nemacolin offers a variety of art classes including watercolor and painting.  For some hands-on fun before our first dinner we signed up for their Jewelry Jam Art Class.

Making bracelets and earrings at Jewelry Jam. Two women creating custom jewelry.

Making bracelets and earrings at Jewelry Jam | Photo: Better Living

Guided by the talented studio artist, we made our own custom jewelry sets with beads, complete with earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. It was a fun and relaxing way to let our creativity shine. And bonus, we have a unique memento of our stay.

The Circle Bar & The Study

The Circle Bar in The Grand Lodge at Nemacolin. A round bar with chairs around.

The Circle Bar in The Grand Lodge at Nemacolin | Photo: Better Living

The Circle Bar is a Sophisticated Spot for Creative Cocktails

Next we made our way to The Grand Lodge’s stunning and chic Circle Bar and The Study for some before-dinner drinks. Their expert mixologists create a seasonally inspired cocktail menu often served with a side of drama.

One highlight was the smoked old fashioned, presented in a steel and glass box filled with cherry wood smoke. It was not only a visual showstopper but also absolutely delicious.

A Smoked Old Fashioned at Circle Bar. A cocktail in a steel glass case with smoke bellowing out.

A Smoked Old Fashioned at Circle Bar | Photo: Better Living

Feeling like VIP’s, we took our drinks to The Study next door, surrounded by art and books to relax in the magical atmosphere for a bit. Next up, dinner.

A Magical Dinner at Fawn & Fable

Razzleberry lemon-berry cream cake at Fawn & Fable. A detailed cake with edible flowers.

Razzleberry lemon-berry cream cake at Fawn & Fable | Photo: Better Living

Fawn & Fable is Nemacolin’s farm-to-table steakhouse that takes the concept of “elevated dining” to new heights. It was exceptional in every possible way and the menu suggestions from our server Dennis were spot on.

The menu here is inspired by the farm-to-table traditions of the Laurel Highlands, with steakhouse classics using the finest locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. Modern with whimsical touches, you’re meant to feel like you’re dining in your own fairytale here.

Roasted Oysters & Bone Marrow at Fawn & Fable. 6 oysters on a platter with bone marrow bones and capers.

Roasted Oysters & Bone Marrow at Fawn & Fable | Photo: Better Living

We started with the mouthwatering Roasted Oysters & Bone Marrow, a tantalizing combination of herb-roasted East Coast oysters, roasted bone marrow, served with warmed buttery grilled bread and pickled capers and shallots to cut through all the richness. It was incredible. 

For our mains, we ordered the Buckhead Prime Beef Steak, a succulent 18 oz. bone-in ribeye paired with crispy Brussels sprouts, which was fork tender and perfectly cooked. 

Swordfish & The Stone at Fawn & Fable. A swordfish steak with lemon, butter, and roasted broccoli on the plate.

Swordfish & The Stone at Fawn & Fable | Photo: Better Living

The steak was wonderful, but The Swordfish & The Stone was so out-of-this-world delicious I’m still dreaming of this dish. A sustainably sourced swordfish ribeye served over charred broccoli and a lemon & caper gremolata. This is a unique and rare cut of swordfish that will make you forget every other bite of swordfish you’ve ever had. It was a thick cut with a seared crispy exterior, but it was so buttery you could eat it with a spoon if you wanted. Utter perfection.

The Black Forest chocolate cake at Fawn & Fable. A towering piece of layered chocolate cake. Vanilla cream being poured atop.

The Black Forest chocolate cake at Fawn & Fable | Photo: Better Living

And let’s not forget the desserts – The deep dark towering Black Forest chocolate cake and the whimsical and fluffy Razzleberry lemon-berry cream cake were the perfect sweet endings to an unforgettable meal. And they looked pretty too.

DAY 2: Spa Day, Tea Time, and Dinner at Aqueous

The relaxation area at Woodland Spa at Nemacolin. A woman relaxes with a light lunch in a lounge chair by the fireplace.

The relaxation area at Woodlands Spa at Nemacolin | Photo: Better Living

Wellness at Nemacolin

We Melted Stress Away at the Zen-like Woodlands Spa and Salon

All of Nemacolin is like a sphere of tranquility. But for a few hours of focused relaxation after breakfast, we headed over to Woodlands Spa and Salon across from The Grand Lodge to experience one of their unique and cutting-edge skin and body spa treatments. 

Many of the treatments here infuse ingredients like exotic herbs and CBD with a fusion of techniques including reflexology, reiki, and ayurveda – the 3000 year old Indian system of alternative medicine that focuses on balancing stresses in the body to promote wellness.

The hot tub and cold plunge at Woodlands Spa

The hot tub and cold plunge at Woodlands Spa | Photo: Better Living

One step inside and the gentle scent of neroli and sandalwood instantly calmed my energy. That, combined with an amazing spa shop with a collection of sporty and lounge clothing to die for and I was in my element. The Woodland Spa is spacious with over thirty treatment rooms, pre-treatment relaxation areas and a fireside lounge where you can have a light bite to eat, tea or latte after your treatment. The hotel’s state of the art fitness center is here as well.

For some healing water therapy there’s also an 84 degrees heated indoor lap pool, whirlpool, steam and sauna rooms, locker rooms free for all guests and members to use with an appointment. Here you’ll also find the hotel’s state of the art fitness center here as well as a full salon if your locks need a touch up.

The four-lane indoor lap pool — heated to 84 degrees year-round at Woodlands Spa. An expansive pool room with plants and lounge chairs.

The four-lane indoor lap pool — heated to 84 degrees year-round at Woodlands Spa | Photo: Better Living

I chose the 90 minute “Laurel Rebalancer” treatment- a stress melting Ayurvedic inspired treatment that combines traditional massage with a botanical body mask, Ayurvedic herbal wrap, exfoliation, and aromatherapy. A unique part of the treatment was the massaging of the marma face points which is believed to improve energy flow and release tension.  

At the end of the treatment the skin is then smoothed and nourished with warm herbal and fragrant Ayurvedic body oils. When my treatment was over I simply floated away.

For Aches and Pains Nemacolin’s Holistic Wellness Center Offers More Intensive Therapies 

For more than stress relief and pampering, Nemacolin’s Holistic Wellness Center offers intensive therapies under the direction of Dr. Jerry Lin – Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Dipl.OM, L.Ac. The center provides innovative wellness, exercise, and pain management treatments, including acupuncture, salt-water float therapy, infrared light therapy, metabolism testing, and cryotherapy.

Although the Holistic Wellness Center was under renovation during our visit, we look forward to returning to explore more.

Tea Time at Fawn & Fable

A tea cake at Nemacolin Tea Time in Fawn & Fable


We Lived out Out Our Alice In Wonderland Fantasies at Tea Time

After our spa day, we found ourselves transported to a world of elegance and refinement at the Afternoon Tea currently hosted in Fawn & Fable. 

Sipping on delicious English Breakfast tea, we were served a towering assortment of beautiful tea sandwiches, scones with Devonshire cream and lemon curd, and a variety of fresh pastries and tea cakes. And it was all so delicious.

Definitely my favorite way to spend the afternoon, slow down and enjoy the finer things in life. Having lots of delicious whimsical treats to guide us, didn’t hurt. 

Golf at Nemacolin

Nemacolin is a World-Class Golfer’s Paradise in the Scenic Laurel Highlands. A lovely mountain view on a clear day. A tree and golf hole in the forefront.

Nemacolin is a World-Class Golfer’s Paradise in the Scenic Laurel Highlands | Photo: Better Living

Inspired by Nature, Pete Dye Created Unforgettable Golf for Nemacolin Guests and Members.

Nemacolin isn’t just about relaxation, amazing dining, and outdoor adventure. It’s also a world-class golfer’s paradise. After Tea Time, we shuffled over to Falling Rock to check out the resort’s hotel center for golf. 

With two championship courses, Mystic Rock and Shepherd’s Rock, both designed by the legendary Pete Dye, Nemacolin offers 36 holes of stunning play. Mystic Rock, known for its PGA designation and beautiful lakes and waterfalls, is ranked among the top 100 U.S. golf courses by Golfweek and Golf Digest. 

And Shepherd’s Rock, the final course completed by Pete Dye, is a brilliant companion, designed to be both fun and challenging for players of all levels. So you don’t need to be a pro to play here. 

It’s also a great place to train. Offering classes for beginners through advanced, Nemacolin’s Golf Academy is considered one of the most prestigious golf schools in the world. They also have a stocked pro shop.

Dining at Aqueous

Pan-Seared Scallops at Aqueous. Scallops with brussels sprouts.

Pan-Seared Scallops at Aqueous | Photo: Better Living

Aqueous at Falling Rock is a Forbes Four-Star Restaurant Serving Incredible Seafood

We then grabbed a few local craft beers from Falling Rock’s Amber Bar for some pre-dinner drinks before heading into Aqueous, a Forbes Four-Star restaurant overlooking Nemacolin’s sweeping golf course with the mountains in the distance. This is the best spot on the property for dining with magical sunsets.

Mountain tops and the freshest seafood you can imagine aren’t synonymous. But we quickly learned Nemacolin is a place where everything and anything is possible. The talented culinary team here is led by Chef de Cuisine Eduardo Quintana, crafts a fresh, vibrant menu inspired by fresh seafood, modern cuisine and fresh Mexican flavors. But how is the seafood so fresh here?  It’s flown in daily.

The stunning Seafood Tower at Aqueous. The levels of fresh seafood on beds of ice with led lights.

The stunning Seafood Tower at Aqueous | Photo: Better Living

We started with the lavish Aqueous Seafood Tower, with 3 show stopping ice lined tiers of lobster, oysters, ahi tuna, king crab, shrimp, and sashimi that is a virtual seafood lover’s dream come to life. The Lobster Bisque, served with a scrumptious lobster scone and crème fraiche, was velvety and classically delicious. 

Charcoal-Roasted Red Snapper at Aqueous. A filet topped with lettuce, tomato, pickled onion, and sauce.

Charcoal-Roasted Red Snapper at Aqueous | Photo: Better Living

For our mains, we tried the Pan-Seared Scallops with carrot, corn puree, and pepita, and the Charcoal-Roasted Red Snapper, served al pastor-style with avocado, pineapple, and corn spaetzle. Both dishes couldn’t get any fresher, vibrant or more flavorful. 

We were too full for dessert. But each dish at Aqueous was a work of edible art that showcased the incredible skill of the culinary team here. Left in awe with every bite, our server Carol’s warm hospitality made the dinner even more enjoyable. Next time, we’ll be leaving room for dessert.

DAY 3: Fun at The Peak, Animal Adventures, and Dinner at Lautrec

Enjoy year-round heated pools at The Peak. A cabana, multi-level pools with waterfalls, and jacuzzi. Mountain views in the distance.

Enjoy year-round heated pools at The Peak | Photo: Better Living

The Peak is Nemacolin’s Center for Fun and Adventure

The next morning, we fueled up with breakfast at Aqueous for a few hours of adventure at The Peak – Nemacolin’s immersive indoor outdoor recreation center. There’s something to do here through the seasons no matter what you’re in the mood for.

In the indoor space of the complex you’ll find cosmic bowling, axe throwing, a swim shop and a restaurant and bar serving up casual lunch and dinner bites.

For lounging and swimming with sweeping mountain views, there’s a two multi-level outdoor waterfall year-round heated pools with 8 cabanas set alongside a large stage with a wide outdoor screen where they often host live music acts and feature entertainment like movie nights and sports games.

High Ropes Challenge Course at The Peak. Gusts climbing to the top of the course suspended by ropes.

High Ropes Challenge Course at The Peak | Photo: Better Living

If you’re an athletic warrior, here you can book a paintball session or try their High Ropes Challenge Course, which has three levels of ropes and platforms of varying levels of difficulty, with 36 elements reaching 52 feet into the air. Or how about some Jeep off-roading? Or maybe a bike to take to the resort trails?

Cosmic Bowling at The Peak. A women bowling with a florescent ball under the blacklight and vibrantly painted alley.

Cosmic Bowling at The Peak | Photo: Better Living

We decided to head indoors to the Cosmic Bowling alley for some friendly competition. With neon lights, black lights, and artistic designs, it was a fun spin on your average bowling experience. Recent upgrades include game options where even the gutters can add points to your score, making it an absolute blast.

After working up an appetite, we grabbed a casual lunch indoors overlooking the pool with a yummy jumbo soft pretzel with pepper jack queso and whole-grain mustard, a buffalo chicken flatbread, and carne asada tacos. A tasty treat before what was up next.

Wildlife Adventures at Nemacolin

The resident white tiger, Kato, at Nemacolin. A white tiger walks toward the camera.

The resident white tiger, Kato, at Nemacolin | Photo: Better Living

Nemacolin has an equestrian center and at least 15 experiences where guests can get up close with a variety of animals.

How many resorts can say they have an onsite Safari? Nemacolin can.

All the animals living at Nemacolin were either born in captivity, or taken in from rescues and other places they needed to be rehomed from. As a guest here you’re free to walk or bike around the wild animal enclosures. 

A male African lion relaxes in the grass at Nemacolin

See the King of the Jungle in the Lion Encounter at Nemacolin | Photo: Better Living

But for more intensive one-on-one time we took a shuttle to catch the Safari Tour which leaves from the Equestrian Center. There we met up with a friendly keeper who escorted us with animal facts and fun to learn more about these stunning animals.

Riding to each habitat in a van, we had the opportunity to see interactive feeding demos, while getting a close-ish but safe encounter with tigers, lions, and wolves. As for the bears, they were on a very important sleep schedule that day. 

A goat smiles for the camera

One of the happy goats at Nemacolin | Photo: Better Living

But we also got to feed goats, and see Iranian red sheep and Nemacolin’s legendary white buffalo, which is considered the most sacred of all animals to Native Americans.

It was an incredible gift to experience these beautiful animals up close.

But the animal encounters didn’t end there. 

The Equestrian Center at Nemacolin

A woman and horse posing with their finished artwork

Painting is more fun when you have a pony as your partner! | Photo: Better Living

As a Horse Lover, Painting With Ponies Was The Most Unexpectedly Adorable and Fun Activity Ever Created

After the safari adventure, we ventured back to the Equestrian Center for Painting with Ponies, where together we made a one-of-a-kind piece of masterpiece with the help of a horse named Tequila. It involved blank canvases covered with carefully positioned wet paint and some horse treats scattered over the canvases after they were placed inside clear plastic bags. The best part is, you never know what Tequila is going to create. It was sweet and unforgettable, and now I’m not sure why more horses aren’t invited to paint. 

Tour the scenic beauty of the Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands on horseback at Nemacolin. A woman on a horse on wooded trail.

Tour the scenic beauty of the Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands on horseback | Photo: Better Living

Afterward, we saddled up for The Backwoods Trail Ride, touring the scenic beauty of the Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands on horseback. 

The Patisserie 

A display of French macarons at The Patisserie

Grab a coffee and some macarons to go at The Patisserie | Photo: Better Living

The Patisserie Was the Perfect Spot for a Coffee, Pastries, and Bites on the Go.

After our animal adventures, it was time for a speedy coffee break. So we popped over to The Patisserie located in The Chateau. 

Bright, glittery, colorful and inspired by the timeless Parisian pastry shops, this charming spot offers a variety of portable food and beverage items – from fresh coffee and espresso to delicious pastries, cakes, and sandwiches. Imported snacks and giftable items are available here as well.

Fine Dining at Lautrec

At Lautrec, dining is a show-stopping culinary masterpiece. Rich fabrics and furnishings. Floral arrangements and artwork.

At Lautrec, dining is a show-stopping culinary masterpiece | Photo: Better Living

Lautrec is Inspired By the Famous Artist With Food That’s a Work of Art

On our final night we dined at Lautrec. This is Nemacolin’s Forbes Five-Star restaurant with ultra luxe interiors adorned with original lithographs by French artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. With a six-course chef’s tasting menu expertly prepared by Executive Chef Louie Carletti-Silva and his team of culinary artists, Lautrec turns dinner into a dramatic dining experience you won’t forget. 

The vibrant Asparagus Textures at Lautrec. An expertly plated dish full of vibrant textures.

The vibrant Asparagus Textures at Lautrec | Photo: Better Living

We began with the Asparagus Textures dish, a delightful combination of carrot tartare, nettle puree, artichoke, and endive soil. The Scallop Crudo, served with kumquat caramel, burnt fresno, puffed forbidden rice, and grilled citrus, was a burst of fresh flavors.

The Escargot, nestled on a spring onion cracker with fine herbes, espelette crumb, and kombu-cured egg yolk, was a surprising delight. The Raviolo, filled with guanciale jam, English pea custard, spring peas, and lemon-mint ricotta, was a pillowy pocket of pure bliss.

After a refreshing Blueberry Sorbet intermezzo, we moved on to our mains. The Broken Arrow Ranch Venison, served with puffed quinoa, leek ash, beet two ways, and juniper jus, was a symphony of savory flavors. The Monkfish, accompanied by corn farina pudding, fennel confit, charred fiddleheads, and brown butter potato emulsion, was lovely.

Goat Rodeo Cheesecake at Lautrec. A small round cheesecake with berries.

Goat Rodeo Cheesecake at Lautrec | Photo: Better Living

For dessert, we had the tough choice between the Mielle Feuille, with lemongrass mousse, butterfly pea gel, and chamomile ice cream, and the Goat Rodeo Cheesecake, a creamy blend of goat rodeo chevre, limequat confiture, caramelized yogurt chip, and raspberry coulis. Both were heavenly, and the perfect sweet endings to an unforgettable meal.

Lisa, the server at Lautrec, conducting an art tour after dinner.

Dinner and an art tour at Lautrec | Photo: Better Living

But what truly set our Lautrec experience apart was the impeccable service. Our server, Lisa, was not only attentive and knowledgeable but also went above and beyond to enhance our experience. After dinner, Lisa treated us to an art tour of the Toulouse-Lautrec lithographs, sharing fascinating insights into the artist’s life and work. 

And with sommelier Wade Hill’s expertly curated wine pairings elevating each course, it was an evening we’ll never forget.

Day 4: Checking Out and a Mindfulness Morning

On our final morning at Nemacolin we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Fawn & Fable before making our way to the Mindfulness Mornings Art Class at the Woodlands Spa. 

Mindfulness Mornings Art Class at the Woodlands Spa. Drawings on a table with pencils.

Mindfulness Mornings Art Class at the Woodlands Spa | Photo: Better Living

We learned the art of Zentangle, a simple process of drawing repetitive structured patterns into something beautiful. A fun and relaxing way to start the day, it left us feeling calm, centered, and ready to face the world with a newfound sense of creativity. Just like our stay at Nemacolin did. 

As we checked out of The Grand Lodge and said farewell to Nemacolin, we couldn’t help but reflect on the wonderful time we had. From the impeccable service to the breathtaking surroundings, every detail of our stay was an unforgettable experience. 

Nemacolin isn’t just a resort – it really is a place where real-life magic happens. And I’m ready to conjure up another stay.

Is Nemacolin Worth It?

Sunset over The Grand Lodge at Nemacolin. A brilliant sky over the front exterior of the building.

Sunset over The Grand Lodge at Nemacolin | Photo: Better Living

Absolutely. Our stay at Nemacolin was nothing short of extraordinary. Having heard great things about Nemacolin for years, we arrived with very high expectations, which were far exceeded on every level.

If you’re looking for a destination that will leave you enchanted, inspired, and utterly pampered, look no further than Nemacolin. 

This magical resort in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands is waiting to welcome you with open arms with impeccable service, incredible dining and endless activities whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation. 

Trust me, once you’ve experienced the magic of Nemacolin, you’ll be counting down the days until your next visit. 

Pack your bags, grab your sense of adventure, and prepare to be amazed – Nemacolin is calling, and it’s an invitation you won’t want to refuse.

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