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7 Layer Burrito Recipe With Chicken

Best Ever 7 Layer Burritos

Boy, do I love a good burrito. What’s not to love about a soft and portable package of deliciousness? While I have my favorite spots around town to grab them, sometimes I prefer to make them right at home. Not only can I ...
easy one minute microwave dark Chocolate Chili Mug cake recipe

Recipe: Dark Chocolate Chili Mug Cakes

For those times when you really need a chocolate fix, but you're not loving the idea of making a whole cake, try this recipe for Dark Chocolate Chili Mug Cakes!...
Vanilla Mixed Berry Smoothie Frozen Recipe

Recipe: Vanilla Mixed Berry Smoothie

  For a delicious, easy and super healthy berry filled smoothie this recipe will set you right! It's no secret that berries are healthy little powerhous...