Better Living uses affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, we may receive a small commission (for which we are deeply grateful) at no cost to you. – Today we’re taking you to the award winning Sole Food Restaurant, located at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia, where Executive Chef Tom Harkins will be creating a delicious recipe using Soooo Sweet®! natural sweeter.

Soooo Sweet®! is a revolutionary, all-natural sweetener that will truly give your taste buds an unexpected delight!

Made from the legendary Stevia plant, Soooo Sweet®! is a safe, herbal supplement that is 300 times sweeter than table sugar, yet, contains no calories or carbohydrates. If you’ve tried other Stevia products in the past, you may have experienced an unpleasant aftertaste. That is not the case here! With Soooo Sweet, you’ll enjoy pure, sweet flavor with zero calories. In fact, Soooo Sweet®! is the only natural Stevia product available with no bitter aftertaste!


Soooo Sweet Stevia Natural Supplement

Extremely versatile, Soooo Sweet®! can be easily used to replace sugar in nearly any food or beverage recipe. It’s also ideal for baking and tastes absolutely wonderful in coffee and tea.

The health benefits of eliminating sugar from your diet can be tremendous, and Soooo Sweet®! makes it easy to take that first step towards a healthier diet. Because stevia has a minimal effect on blood glucose levels, Soooo Sweet®! is the perfect complement to your weight loss plan. It’s also an attractive choice for people on carbohydrate-controlled diets and those managing obesity, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. With Soooo Sweet®!, you’ll enjoy a superior tasting alternative to sugar, artificial sweeteners, and corn syrup that’s completely safe and 100% natural.

Soooo Sweet

Soooo Sweet®! is available in 2 convenient packages – a 75g spoonable container and a 75 packet box, which is great for taking Soooo Sweet®! on the go!

You can try Soooo Sweet®! right now, absolutely free! Simply visit and sign up for your free sample. You’ll also find many more delicious recipes and further info on this amazing product. After one taste, we were convinced and we know you’re going to love Soooo Sweet®! too.